Pascal’s Daily Reminders for a New Year

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Pascal and i’m the other half of Équilibre – the ‘exercise’ half!

You can learn more about me on our about us page. If you have read our blog previously and enjoyed any of the posts, then you have Nicole to thank. Admittedly, i’m much more at ease chatting away in front of people than I am behind a computer, but the time has come for me to step up!

Those of you who have had the opportunity to join me in a Fitness for Foodies program will know a little about me, including my passion for a daily caffeine fix, my love for great food and wine, and above all, my need for exercise (preferably if it’s on my bike!) I hope that in time my posts will inspire you to make exercise a regular part of your life and simplify what is fast becoming an overly scientific and complicated industry (when it really doesn’t need to be).

This being a time when so many of us may have made New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would share with you my personal philosophy for 2013. You see, this year I decided not to make a ‘do-list’ and instead I have made a ‘be-list’. I plan to live according to these four simple values, as best as I can and as often as I can…

1. Make time for your health. I truly believe in a healthy body, a healthy mind. The more active I am the more energy I have to do everything else. It’s not always easy, so I will be consistent and realistic. If you need an extra incentive to make time for your own health, then join me for the next Fitness for Foodies program, starting January 21.

2. Make time to reflect daily. Take a few moments at the end of each day to focus on what you did accomplish, however small it may seem. Too often, we put the emphasis on what we didn’t do and get down on ourselves. Be kind, especially to yourself.

3. Make time to connect daily. Spend quality time with the people that truly matter in your life or take the time to get to know someone better. Stop talking about the weather, and switch off the computer sometimes! I may be working more than ever but I always make time for my family each day.

4. Do one thing each day to make tomorrow better. If you want more from your health and your life you have to work at it daily, by taking small steps. How often do you find yourself saying “where did the time go” or “I’ll start next week”. Start today, stop wasting your time because you’ll never get it back. Small actions may not seem like much, but they all contribute to a better tomorrow and to making you a better person.

So there you have it, that’s what I will be working towards, making better use of my time and living a more meaningful life. Feel free to share your resolutions or life philosophies you plan to follow this year…

(or, you may prefer to choose one word that represents what you want the year to hold for you. Check out Nic’s post here)

2 Responses to “Pascal’s Daily Reminders for a New Year”

  • Gemma:

    Thanks for the reminder Pascal… so true to acknowledge what we do accomplish each day… and I love your idea of the “be – list” instead of the “to do ” list…

    • Hazel:

      I have to agree with Gemma, Pascal. Really a fantastic reminder to focus on accomplishments, and to keep going, little steps at a time. Thank you for this post!