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Summer Menu Planner

Its taken a while, but the Summer Menu Planner has arrived (just in time for the late summer heat)…

Its no secret that I love food – i’m always in search of new recipes, enjoy reading the latest foodie magazines and daresay my cookbook collection is somewhat larger than average.

When it comes to incorporating all these wonderful dishes and ideas in to daily life, its not always easy. For most of us, it can be a big ask to put together a variety of practical recipes to create meal plans with good nutrition and balance on a consistent weekly basis. It becomes far too easy to rely on old favourites or resort to impromptu take-away on the way home. I can certainly empathise with the recurring daily dilemma of what’s for dinner? Read the rest of this entry »

Your Festive Season Survival guide – Équilibre style

This Christmas card design from British venture Make-Do (found via Eat Drink Chic) made us giggle, but all too often its not too far from the reality!

We decided to come up with our own list of essential tips to help you navigate through the holidays with energy, vitality and most of all, enjoyment. A refreshingly different perspective on your food and activities that can easily be continued in to the New Year and beyond… Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Aussie Beef Burger

The other day, I was attempting to recall the last time I ate a fast food burger. My memory is of being in year 10, so let’s say I was around 15 years old (a couple of decades ago anyway!) Hard to believe? Not for me…

I’ll sidestep the complicated and often controversial issue of what actually goes in to those ‘oh so familiar’ burgers and ask a simple question based purely on taste and aesthetic… Why would you even be tempted by soggy, sugary buns, dodgy meat, plastic cheese and wilted salad, when the alternative – the home made version – is just so AMAZINGLY good (and healthy)?

Check out Katie’s version, complete with homemade Balsamic Beetroot Relish and Roasted Truss Tomato Ketchup if you’re feeling enthusiastic!

For us, its the perfect relaxed Summer family meal…yum!