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Real muesli bars with a gourmet twist

In search of the perfect muesli bar recipe…

I know it’s popular to compare fat and sugar levels of shop bought muesli bars, and yes, despite their healthy image, in some cases you might as well be eating a chocolate bar! For me though, it’s the actual ingredient list that matters. Many popular brands have very low quality, highly refined ingredients, artificial additives and fruit that isn’t really fruit!

The only brand that I am happy to have in my pantry for snack time emergencies is Carman’s. With just a simple list of wholesome ingredients, there isn’t much to raise the alarm bells (and they don’t cost the earth in comparison to some upmarket gourmet brands).

Ideally, of course, it’s best to bake your own and take control of exactly what goes into them. Sadly though, not all of my muesli bar baking efforts have been successful, often ending up with a pile of muesli ‘rubble’ rather than nicely turned out bars!

My latest effort was inspired by Bill Granger’s recipe ‘Real Muesli Bars’ from Everyday Food. I took the liberty of adapting it somewhat, including the addition of extra flavourings like vanilla, cinnamon and orange rind – and the result was pretty good. Even Sophie tucked in to them with relish! Read the rest of this entry »

Spencer’s Brook Farm

Michael Pollan’s Food Rule No 27 states ‘Eat animals that have themselves eaten well’…

This brings me to a fantastic foodie find that Sophie and I discovered on our Farmer’s Market visits last year. Spencer’s Brook Farm is approximately 90 km east of Perth and specialises in free range Berkshire pigs, organic Long Horned Wiltshire sheep and Dexter cattle – all raised to the highest standards of animal welfare. You can read all about the animals and how Annie Kavanagh and her family operate their farm in an organic and sustainable manner, on their website. It certainly makes for interesting and enlightening reading!

It has been a delight for me to cook with all the produce we have purchased from SBF… delicious pork sausages, spicy chorizo, bacon, pork hocks, dry aged beef and hogget…all preservative/nitrate and gluten free, carefully butchered and dry aged where appropriate, to ensure premium, tender meat. You can truly taste the difference between this and standard supermarket fare. It also tastes that much better knowing how good it is for your health, the health of the environment and our four legged friends. Read the rest of this entry »