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Great snack recipes to energise and satisfy

One of my irritations is ‘healthy recipe makeovers’ – you know the ones, where you take traditional recipes and try to cut back on fat, salt, sugar or substitute alternative (so-called healthier) ingredients. I understand the good intentions, but often find that by doing this you come up with less than satisfying results and generally feel a little cheated. The classic example being the old ‘coconut essence in evaporated skim milk’ used to replace real coconut milk….arghhhh, so wrong!

Its basically the same as a lot of ‘diet’ products on the market that cut back on fat and then need to pack in so many artificial additives and chemicals (or in a lot of cases refined sugar) just to make them palatable. It makes no sense when a little bit of the real thing can be so satisfying, ultimately more nutritious and you don’t feel as if you are being deprived or missing out (and for those of you familiar with it, a lot less chance of spiralling out of control in to an all out binge!)

As we have been tweaking the food we eat ‘post celebratory season’, i’ve been incorporating some more healthy snacks in to our repertoire. What I love about these dips are the fact that they are age-old traditional recipes not trying to be more of one thing or less of another…they simply are what they are…straightforward, tasty, nutritious and filling. I certainly haven’t found anything better ready-made, nor easier to whip up in a couple of minutes with just some basic ingredients… Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Aussie Beef Burger

The other day, I was attempting to recall the last time I ate a fast food burger. My memory is of being in year 10, so let’s say I was around 15 years old (a couple of decades ago anyway!) Hard to believe? Not for me…

I’ll sidestep the complicated and often controversial issue of what actually goes in to those ‘oh so familiar’ burgers and ask a simple question based purely on taste and aesthetic… Why would you even be tempted by soggy, sugary buns, dodgy meat, plastic cheese and wilted salad, when the alternative – the home made version – is just so AMAZINGLY good (and healthy)?

Check out Katie’s version, complete with homemade Balsamic Beetroot Relish and Roasted Truss Tomato Ketchup if you’re feeling enthusiastic!

For us, its the perfect relaxed Summer family meal…yum!

‘Rules’ for Eating Healthily and Happily

When it comes to our philosophy on food, we have a few inspiring influences to introduce you to…

As a starting point, we think no one spells it out with quite such clarity and simplicity as Michael Pollan, in his little book entitled ‘Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual’.

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Fitness and good food…what’s the deal?

It feels like we have been preparing for this for an eternity, but here we are…online…at last!  Now we get to tell the world all about our special blend of exercise + good food + the occasional glass of excellent vino… Cheers!

Our concept for Équilibre was basically borne out of the frustration resulting from years of training clients and constantly hearing the same thing… “I need to lose weight”, “I need to go ‘on’ a diet”, “I need to do more exercise”. But when faced with the reality of maintaining an exercise program, giving up junk food and laying off the alcohol it quickly becomes too hard. Instead, we still see intelligent, worldly-wise folk getting drawn in to the latest diet or fitness craze – paying good money for meal replacement powders, shakes and other chemical concoctions; investing in gimmicky exercise equipment; following restrictive diets for short periods of time (followed by ‘falling off the wagon’) and generally grasping on to the hope that somewhere there just may be a miracle solution to their weight or health problem. Does this sound like you? I think we have all been there at some point in our lives. Read the rest of this entry »