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Your exercise ‘why?’ (and why it matters)

You know you should exercise.

Everyone does.

But why?

Weight loss? Better health? Longevity? A sculpted, toned body?

If that’s the case, then you know why you should exercise. Right?

But you still come up with excuses. A million and one of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Balance, moderation and why you need to embrace equilibrium instead

“The best we can do…is to practise equilibrium internally – no matter what insanity is transpiring out there.”

Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love

Maintaining a sense of balance in all areas of our life is something we should strive for. Saying that, I would suggest that the word itself has become overused and has lost its appeal… do you agree? To me, it’s a word that often places a too-heavy burden on our already overloaded shoulders. ‘Work-life balance’. ‘Getting the balance just right’. Juggling all of our balls in the air without dropping one can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Read the rest of this entry »

We’re back!

We’ve had some time-out from this little business of ours, and it’s been fascinating to take a step back and become an observer…

So, what have we noticed about what’s happening in the world of health and fitness at the moment? Well, a whole LOT of different people with a LOT of different things to say, that’s what! Read the rest of this entry »

Fitness for Foodies – is 2013 your year?

New year, new opportunities, fresh thinking. Are you ready to benefit from a healthy new perspective on eating and exercise?

We’re excited to announce that our first Fitness for Foodies program for 2013 starts 21st January and just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the year that has been and what the program means to us…

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Growing strawberries and finding inspiration

It’s been tough, I have to admit. On many levels, it’s been a difficult year. I wasn’t prepared for what having 2 young children to care for, plus a business to grow would mean, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the level of sleep deprivation this gorgeous little guy brought with him. I’ve learned the hard way that lack of good sleep affects your ability to think clearly and rationally, let alone the negative impact it can have on your health and energy levels.

I could rule the world… if only I could just get a good night’s sleep!”

I now fully comprehend the frustration behind these words, spoken by a fellow mama. So heartbreakingly true!

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Foragers – Pemberton

When planning our business, we envisaged being able to offer a series of special events including a weekend retreat, and we’re delighted to announce that it’s about to become a reality this spring…

When we say retreat, we’re not talking weight loss camp or gruelling military boot camp, or even spa weekend. What we had in mind was a relaxed gathering of like-minded people learning about and sharing in good food and wine – fresh, seasonal and locally sourced. Exercise would play a part, but mostly in combination with exploring the natural environment (so you don’t actually notice it) and to build a hearty appetite that makes good food taste even better! The idea is for guests to come away feeling energised and inspired to maintain that same feeling at home.

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On being a Foodie and why it can be good for you

It always saddens me to hear about people with weight struggles resigning themselves to a rigid diet that denies them all the food they love, in order to lose their excess kilos.

Case in point, is the recent series in the Sunday Times, Body & Soul section about a woman in her early 30’s (having always been a yo-yo dieter) taking on a ‘body challenge’ and writing about her experiences for all to read. Katie admits to exposing herself to public ridicule as a form of motivation! She has the help of a nutritionist and a personal trainer and feels that this is her last chance to finally lose weight and start feeling good about herself.

I was dismayed when I read her plan – an extreme regime of 2 hours walking per day plus an hour in the gym. Her diet is protein heavy, including 9 egg whites and 2 egg yolks per day (yikes!), with no carbs other than a single early morning weetbix or banana, and no additional fats other than fish oil supplements. But oh yes, she’s allowed diet soft drink and sugar free chewing gum! Her comment on the food she is eating… “well, it’s not so much about flavour anymore. Food is fuel, plain and simple.” How very sad. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Stories from Équilibre

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different to your standard fitness business site…

There are no ‘amazing’ before and after testimonials and photos of clients who have lost startlingly large amounts of weight in impossibly short periods of time. No glossy images of flexed, bulging muscles and superficially bronzed bodies. Nope. Not one. It’s just not our style.

It was our intention from the get-go to avoid stereotypical images and to develop our own unique style. If you’ve read a page or two on our site, as well as a blog post here and there, you’ve probably gathered that we take a different approach.

Simply put, we aim to teach and inspire an appreciation for exercise and good food, and encourage a healthy lifestyle based on balance. It’s a realistic, back to basics, sustainable approach. It’s feeling good about your own body – strong, energetic and confident. It’s not about aspiring to the body beautiful, but it is about living life to its fullest.

To give you a little more insight, a few of our special clients have generously agreed to share their unique personal stories and experiences of training the Équilibre way… Read the rest of this entry »

Equilibrium: French Style

The secret of eating for pleasure…

Ask my friends and they will tell you that I have always held a curious fascination for all things French. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why… perhaps it just comes from growing up with a very french sounding (maiden) name!

If you weren’t already aware, July is Tour de France month in our (cycling mad) household – an ideal excuse for me to indulge my francophile tendencies (I love that Gourmet Traveller plays along by scheduling their annual French issue for July, too!)

Appropriate then, that I make mention of a book that had (and continues to have) a profound influence on my relationship with food – Mireille Giulliani’s French Women Don’t Get Fat.

Now, I acknowledge the reality that today’s average French woman is perhaps not always a glowing picture of health and that sadly, thanks to the global spread of modern convenience foods and sedentary lifestyle habits, the French are having to deal with much the same obesity, health and body image problems that we are facing in Australia, the US and UK (see this article). That aside, I believe there is much we can learn from Mireille and her special perspective on the traditional french way of life and philosophy on food. Any woman who lists ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ among her favourite pastimes is worth taking notice of, in my opinion! Read the rest of this entry »

New Year, New Challenges!

What is it about a bright, shiny, untarnished new year that makes us dream of new possibilities, and creates a strong desire to change certain habits or behaviours?

As much as we as a family strive to live a healthful life, there are inevitably periods of indulgence and limited activity that we need to balance out during the rest of the year, to ensure that our good health and vitality is maintained. Although it may be something of a cliché, we always like to use the start of a new year as an opportunity to create a new regime, re-instate good habits and set the right tone for the year aheadRead the rest of this entry »