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Growing strawberries and finding inspiration

It’s been tough, I have to admit. On many levels, it’s been a difficult year. I wasn’t prepared for what having 2 young children to care for, plus a business to grow would mean, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the level of sleep deprivation this gorgeous little guy brought with him. I’ve learned the hard way that lack of good sleep affects your ability to think clearly and rationally, let alone the negative impact it can have on your health and energy levels.

I could rule the world… if only I could just get a good night’s sleep!”

I now fully comprehend the frustration behind these words, spoken by a fellow mama. So heartbreakingly true!

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Real Life Stories from Équilibre

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different to your standard fitness business site…

There are no ‘amazing’ before and after testimonials and photos of clients who have lost startlingly large amounts of weight in impossibly short periods of time. No glossy images of flexed, bulging muscles and superficially bronzed bodies. Nope. Not one. It’s just not our style.

It was our intention from the get-go to avoid stereotypical images and to develop our own unique style. If you’ve read a page or two on our site, as well as a blog post here and there, you’ve probably gathered that we take a different approach.

Simply put, we aim to teach and inspire an appreciation for exercise and good food, and encourage a healthy lifestyle based on balance. It’s a realistic, back to basics, sustainable approach. It’s feeling good about your own body – strong, energetic and confident. It’s not about aspiring to the body beautiful, but it is about living life to its fullest.

To give you a little more insight, a few of our special clients have generously agreed to share their unique personal stories and experiences of training the Équilibre way… Read the rest of this entry »

Equilibrium: French Style

The secret of eating for pleasure…

Ask my friends and they will tell you that I have always held a curious fascination for all things French. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why… perhaps it just comes from growing up with a very french sounding (maiden) name!

If you weren’t already aware, July is Tour de France month in our (cycling mad) household – an ideal excuse for me to indulge my francophile tendencies (I love that Gourmet Traveller plays along by scheduling their annual French issue for July, too!)

Appropriate then, that I make mention of a book that had (and continues to have) a profound influence on my relationship with food – Mireille Giulliani’s French Women Don’t Get Fat.

Now, I acknowledge the reality that today’s average French woman is perhaps not always a glowing picture of health and that sadly, thanks to the global spread of modern convenience foods and sedentary lifestyle habits, the French are having to deal with much the same obesity, health and body image problems that we are facing in Australia, the US and UK (see this article). That aside, I believe there is much we can learn from Mireille and her special perspective on the traditional french way of life and philosophy on food. Any woman who lists ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ among her favourite pastimes is worth taking notice of, in my opinion! Read the rest of this entry »

In defence of exercise

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There was an article in the Sunday Times’ STM (magazine) last weekend called ‘Fit to be Fat‘ which loudly proclaimed that exercise alone doesn’t necessarily help lose weight! Read the rest of this entry »

Thoughts on exercise

“Remember, you don’t need to take exercise too seriously – you just need to take it regularly.”

Martha Lourey-Bird, exercise scientist

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A Non-Exerciser’s Perspective

I’ve never been what you would call a ‘sporty’ person – in fact, i’m far from it! While I was able to excel in more intellectual pursuits, I spent a lot of my school career exerting an enormous amount of effort avoiding phys-ed classes. The mere thought of it made me feel like taking a sick day! By the time I finished high school, the only remotely athletic contribution I had made was that of ‘equipment care taker’ on the girl’s hockey team! Read the rest of this entry »

Timely advice

This just about sums up where we are at in life and with our business. A timely reminder.

Thanks for sharing MAEVE (a fantastic quarterly online publication worth checking out).

Fitness and good food…what’s the deal?

It feels like we have been preparing for this for an eternity, but here we are…online…at last!  Now we get to tell the world all about our special blend of exercise + good food + the occasional glass of excellent vino… Cheers!

Our concept for Équilibre was basically borne out of the frustration resulting from years of training clients and constantly hearing the same thing… “I need to lose weight”, “I need to go ‘on’ a diet”, “I need to do more exercise”. But when faced with the reality of maintaining an exercise program, giving up junk food and laying off the alcohol it quickly becomes too hard. Instead, we still see intelligent, worldly-wise folk getting drawn in to the latest diet or fitness craze – paying good money for meal replacement powders, shakes and other chemical concoctions; investing in gimmicky exercise equipment; following restrictive diets for short periods of time (followed by ‘falling off the wagon’) and generally grasping on to the hope that somewhere there just may be a miracle solution to their weight or health problem. Does this sound like you? I think we have all been there at some point in our lives. Read the rest of this entry »