Summer Menu Planner

Its taken a while, but the Summer Menu Planner has arrived (just in time for the late summer heat)…

Its no secret that I love food – i’m always in search of new recipes, enjoy reading the latest foodie magazines and daresay my cookbook collection is somewhat larger than average.

When it comes to incorporating all these wonderful dishes and ideas in to daily life, its not always easy. For most of us, it can be a big ask to put together a variety of practical recipes to create meal plans with good nutrition and balance on a consistent weekly basis. It becomes far too easy to rely on old favourites or resort to impromptu take-away on the way home. I can certainly empathise with the recurring daily dilemma of what’s for dinner?

For me, organisation is the key and this is where the Menu Planner comes in. Its an inspirational, time and money saving tool with all the research and hard work done for you. The best and easiest recipes from a variety of resources (old and new) carefully put together in to 4 weeks of seasonally based main meals in a manner that makes sense for our modern lifestyle.

It’s not about fancy food – just clean, simple, fresh flavours that the whole family can enjoy. Its not all low fat, low carb, high protein, super foods – we subscribe to the 80/20 rule and find that this is much easier to sustain in the long term. If you are trying to lose weight, the best thing you can do is to put your focus on eating to gain health – watch portion sizes carefully but don’t deprive yourself. It may take you longer to approach your ideal weight, but you will be setting yourself up with healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Everyone has a different experience of food, and for some, the meals may seem a little pedestrian, while to others they may appear exotic. If you haven’t used an ingredient before, give it a go! We can highly recommend expanding your food repertoire and trying something new every now and again. Above all, use the planner with a healthy dose of common sense – the quantities listed serve approximately 4, so adjust to your circumstances or make the most of left overs. There may only be a couple of recipes or ideas you would like to try, or you might follow it faithfully for a full month or a week at a time.

We are delighted to be able to provide this to you as a FREE Download to trial, and hope you enjoy the vibrant summer watermelon colours and magazine style layout. Please feel free to comment and forward this link to anyone you feel could benefit from such a tool.

The exciting news is that our Autumn Menu Planner isn’t too far away and will have some additional features such as:

  • breakfast, lunch and snack suggestions
  • autumn indulgences (a few sweet treats)
  • our top 10 Autumn wines and how to match them with your meals

Read and enjoy by clicking here:  Summer Menu Planner (or simply right click the link to save as a document on your computer)

{Images from top to bottom: Tomato punnet Sunday Suppers, Feta & Eggplant Meatballs Donna Hay, Cajun Chicken Burger BBC Good Food}

4 Responses to “Summer Menu Planner”

  • Gemma:

    Love the summer menu ideas, definately looking forward to giving them a go! You make them sound so easy and so delicious!

    • Nicole:

      Thanks Gemma – let me know how you go with them? Looks like March is shaping up to be very summer-like, so plenty of time to use these warm weather recipes!

  • Charmaine:

    Thanks for putting this together Nicole, its made it really easy to add some variation to the menu. I want to try it as is (as in the full 4 weeks) but am just going through picking recipes at the moment. Tried the poached salmon risoni dish and loved it. I didnt have peas so used broad beans which was still really yum, the dill and lemon are such a fresh taste…mmm. Best of all it is a really quick dish to make. Thanks again.

    • Nicole:

      Watch out for the Autumn Menu Planner…its coming together beautifully (we have been trialling recipes!) and should be ready to go in the first half of April. Lots more quick and easy dishes with a bit more of a cool weather twist. Thanks for your feedback Charmaine!