Introducing Fitness for Foodies – the program

Excitement is in the air here at Équilibre, and not just because the baby’s sleeping through the night!

8-Week Fitness for Foodies Course

We are putting the finishing touches to our brand new program and can’t wait to introduce you to it!

IMAGINE… Finally feeling in control of your health, weight and wellbeing… Jumping out of bed in the morning with vitality and a renewed zest for life… Looking forward to your next exercise session, instead of making excuses… Enjoying the occasional glass of wine, chocolate or dessert, without the guilt… Breaking free from the diet merry-go-round, once and for all!

Believe me, this is all completely achievable and it’s exactly what we want to capture for you with Fitness for Foodies!

For some time now we have been looking for a concept that truly encompasses what we are all about. Yes, we offer best quality personal training and coaching programs, but we would also like to reach a much wider audience with our message of balance and enjoyment, and to positively influence the eating and exercising habits of more people.

We believe that achieving good health need not mean having to fork out for expensive equipment, gym memberships, diet food and gimmicks – it should be both accessible and affordable for all. And it needn’t be complicated….or boring, bland, inconvenient, restrictive or just plain old blaaaah!

That’s why we’ve created our own special ‘course’, designed to educate, inspire and excite – not just about exercise, but also eating well and living life well. Simple, easy to implement habits that can create real and long lasting change in both body and mind. Combined with access to group exercise sessions, it forms our complete package for glowing good health…Équilibre style!

What exactly is the program?

In a nutshell, it’s an 8 week action plan for better health and fitness.

Each week you receive emailed course content covering exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and motivation, along with suggestions on how you can best change your habits for good. Its all based on our own experience and what has worked best for us, so you know its for real people who live in the real world!

Topics include:

  • meal planning and preparation
  • creating your very own fitness plan
  • ideas and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • when to choose organic foods and where to source them
  • bringing back balance and simplicity in your life
  • Eating food, not nutrients!

and MUCH, MUCH more!

The information will be simple and easy to digest, and if you want to explore further, additional reading and resources will be available.

To help you on your way, specially designed templates will be provided to track your progress and plan your exercise and meals. You will also receive weekly exercise programs to follow if you are unable to make the organised sessions.

As an extra incentive, we are pleased to be able to offer some fantastic ‘foodie’ giveaways and prizes for those who attend sessions or contribute positively to the program… A great way to expose you to exciting new places or products and for us to support worthy, like-minded local businesses.

Who is the program for?

Fitness for Foodies is for you, if:

  • you’re looking for more than just another exercise program
  • you’ve tried every diet book and program under the sun and want to give up weighing, measuring and counting calories for good
  • you’ve been neglecting your health and fitness and just need an all important kick start
  • you’re sick of doing what everyone else is doing and want a refreshing and real alternative

If you’re looking for an extreme regime that promises dramatic results in a very short period of time (5 kg in 5 days!!) you just won’t find it here. We have purposely taken the emphasis off weight loss and placed it on gaining good health. It’s very much about a change in mindset away from the quick fix or miracle solution. Attaining your ideal weight can and should be a natural consequence of living life in equilibrium.

Some of the information will be specifically applicable to those who live in the Perth metro area (as are the training sessions), but the overall messages and habits are just as relevant to those who live further away.

And yes, if you are simply looking for outdoor training and want the best value in town then by all means, please sign up for that reason alone!

Tell me more about the training sessions?

When you sign up for the program, you will have access to 3 outdoor training sessions per week over the entire 8 weeks.

These sessions will be scheduled at different times and venues throughout the week and will run for approximately 45mins to 1 hour. We will use a wide variety of training techniques using minimal equipment, but the overall emphasis will be on simply getting you up and active. People of all fitness levels will benefit from the sessions – so don’t be shy!

The great benefit of attending our sessions is that you get the opportunity to meet us, ask questions about your training and meet with other like minded people in a motivating group environment.

Find out when the next program commences and pay online here

We’re excited and hope you are too. Help us by spreading the word to anyone you feel may benefit from a healthy new perspective on eating and exercise!

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