Fitness for Foodies – is 2013 your year?

New year, new opportunities, fresh thinking. Are you ready to benefit from a healthy new perspective on eating and exercise?

We’re excited to announce that our first Fitness for Foodies program for 2013 starts 21st January and just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the year that has been and what the program means to us…

We created the Fitness for Foodies 8-week concept as a way to deliver outdoor group training with a difference and to provide a taste of our balanced Équilibre approach in practice. You can read more about our thinking here, but in short, it’s designed to educate, inspire and excite you… not just about exercise, but also eating well and living well.

We’re delighted to have the first year under our belt already and enjoyed meeting so many lovely food loving folk, all keen to make positive changes to their health and lifestyle by joining our program. But you know what? We’re ready to do it all again this year and have room for more of you to join us this time!

Here’s why we love it (and why we think you will too!):

  • Friendly, approachable training sessions with people of all ages and backgrounds and the opportunity to get moving and get motivated in some of Perth’s most picturesque outdoor venues (find out more about them here.)
  • An emphasis on creating real and long lasting positive changes that you can sustain for the long term. No dieting, quick fix weight loss schemes or heavy duty exercise programs. Scales are entirely optional, but building your self confidence and learning to put you and your health first are non-negotiables on this program.
  • Weekly emails packed with content on exercise, real food, lifestyle and motivation – your weekly dose of thought provoking new ideas, habit changes, workouts, worksheets and plenty of further reading if you choose. Those who have completed the original 8-week course content still receive relevant updates, recipes and inspiration during the program.
  • Foodie themed giveaways for our lucky participants last year included the likes of Turban Chopsticks, Rochelle Adonis and Kookery, recipe and wellness journals from Moleskine, coffee vouchers from Sayers Sister, special offers from Dinner Twist, gorgeous cookbooks like Degustation and Theo & Co from UWA Publishing as well as the occasional homemade treat along the way! This year we have plenty more goodies lined up for you from more of our favourite businesses.
  • Our fabulous trainer Pascal (not being biased, of course!) with his many years of experience in the fitness industry has seen it all (and heard all the excuses) yet manages to create interesting, varied workouts designed to educate you about exercising effectively, time efficiently and within your ability. Somehow he still manages to motivate you to work harder each time, without even a hint of drill sergeant!
  • A supportive community feel where we try to really get to know you and what makes you tick (including your favourite coffee spots and preferred drop of wine!) Once your first program is complete you’ll be able to access generous loyalty discounts for future programs as well as other Équilibre events. We are also keeping numbers limited to ensure our session sizes are always manageable and personalised.

If you don’t believe us, then read about what our members are saying here then jump over to the Fitness for Foodies page for sign up details.

NEWSFLASH***As an extra special incentive, with every full priced membership, we are inviting you to bring along your friends and family for half price!

Will this be your year to finally take charge of your health, improve your fitness and put balance and enjoyment first? If yes, you need to join Fitness for Foodies NOW!

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