Exciting New Programs!

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Earlier this year, I embarked on my own 12-week health and exercise program, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress and results I achieved. It was good timing for me, as although I had lost my excess baby weight, I was still feeling relatively unmotivated, lethargic and lacking in routine. Having a specialised program designed for me was just the remedy I needed!

What I gained from my program:

  • A sense of achievement that, YES, I really can fit exercise successfully in to my lifestyle (toddler and all!)
  • Increased energy and the incentive to get out of bed earlier in the morning.
  • Feeling my body getting stronger and the pride of detecting a little muscle definition here and there (and less of the mild lower back pain associated with lifting small children!)
  • Increasing my running fitness (from a hesitant jog, to being able to run a lap of Lake Monger comfortably).
  • Guidance as to when I needed to step up my weights, intensity or duration – without fear of injury or over training.
  • A clearer understanding of what I need to be doing on a consistent basis to feel healthy, vibrant and strong.

“My success got us thinking about how many other people could benefit from having a similar style program designed for them.”

I certainly didn’t have the luxury of one-on-one PT sessions with my husband (since these are all reserved for clients!) but what I really benefited from was his expertise, advice and guidance, as he kept an eye on my program, tweaking it here and there, and ensuring I kept on track.

That’s why we’ve developed 2 new programs to offer our Personal Plan clients, primarily designed around the concept of ‘coaching’. Athletes use these sorts of programs all the time to direct their training and provide a sense of purpose. What we’ve done is translate the idea to apply equally to people of all fitness levels and abilities (even if, like me , you have previously had a rocky relationship with exercise!) The programs aim to provide structure, education and a hollistic framework, with an emphasis on gaining health. We encourage participants to take action and responsibility, rather than just show up for a personal training session once a week, without taking further positive steps toward their health for the remainder of the week.

If this idea resonates with you, I encourage you to download the full details in our Coaching Packages outline, and refer to our Personal Program page.

As for me, my training program has now taken a slightly different turn as I journey through pregnancy number 2! I’m happy that I was in a good place going in to this one, and if all goes well, that I can carry off another relatively hassle free, drug free, natural labour (or as much as the unknowns of childbirth will allow!)

You can bet that we’ll be adding a new coaching program next year – Bouncing Back after Baby: Équilibre style!

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