Your exercise ‘why?’ (and why it matters)

You know you should exercise.

Everyone does.

But why?

Weight loss? Better health? Longevity? A sculpted, toned body?

If that’s the case, then you know why you should exercise. Right?

But you still come up with excuses. A million and one of them.

You find yourself joining a gym or starting an exercise program with good intentions, but quickly fall off the wagon. Many times over.

Well, you don’t really like exercise anyway. Never have.

Sound familiar? Have you ever considered that the reasons you’re using to exercise just aren’t motivating you enough?

Our advice? Before you can move beyond that stuck feeling, you may need to re-think exercise and it’s role in your life…

Overwhelmingly, we’re bombarded with community and media messages telling us that more exercise is the key to losing weight, making changes to our body’s shape and preventing disease (and to living a long and healthy life).

Now, these goals are perfectly legitimate. What we question is how much motivation they actually provide us to keep prioritising exercise in our super busy lives, from one day to the next? We know how hard it is to find time TODAY for something that ‘might’ just tack a few years on to the end of our lives, or ‘might’ just help us to fit into a bikini next summer. It’s human nature to want instant gratification.

So, maybe it’s time to change our ‘WHY?’

Try this… instead of focusing on the long range benefits of exercise linked to your health and how you look, we want you to switch your focus to the here and now.

Ask yourself… ‘What can exercise do for me TODAY?’

Here are just some immediate rewards of exercise that you’re going to LOVE!

  • feeling refreshed, energised and clearheaded
  • being better prepared for today’s challenges
  • relieving stress (wow, that’s a BIG one!)
  • promoting a positive mood (you’ll actually be clearing negativity through movement)
  • creating an opportunity to connect with family & friends
  • boosting your creativity (love that one!)
  • allowing you to practice being in the moment (similar to meditation)
  • promoting deeper, more refreshing sleep

For me personally, I choose to get up early to exercise so that I can start the day in a calm way. Quite simply, on the days that i’ve exercised, i’m a much nicer person to be around! I have more energy to get things done, and feel more prepared for the ups and downs that may come at me throughout the day.

Think of it as a means to better enjoy and succeed at what matters most… your family, your friends, your career, your aspirations, your dreams, your environment…

Exercise is a way to revitalise and renew on a daily basis.

Remember, people who prioritise exercise above all else don’t necessarily have more time – they just ‘get’ that it enhances the quality and performance of their everyday lives.

If you’ve always viewed exercise in a negative way – as a form of punishment for what you’ve eaten, or something you must do in order to be healthy and slim – it will never become a joy in your life and you’ll always struggle to find time for it.

Change your thinking today, and make exercise something you do, not because you have to or have been told to, but because you know it makes you feel better.

A simple little mindset change today could make a world of difference.

What’s your exercise ‘why?’

{If you want to read more about re-thinking exercise, Psychologist Dr Michelle Segar has written a book called ‘No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness‘.}

We’ll also delve deeper in to this and much more to do with your relationship with exercise in our upcoming Fitness for Foodies’ 8-Week Program – stay tuned for more details!

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