New Year, New Challenges!

What is it about a bright, shiny, untarnished new year that makes us dream of new possibilities, and creates a strong desire to change certain habits or behaviours?

As much as we as a family strive to live a healthful life, there are inevitably periods of indulgence and limited activity that we need to balance out during the rest of the year, to ensure that our good health and vitality is maintained. Although it may be something of a cliché, we always like to use the start of a new year as an opportunity to create a new regime, re-instate good habits and set the right tone for the year ahead

For me personally, my special challenge will be to commence an Équilibre 3-month Personal Program, which Pascal has kindly designed specifically for me, to fit in with our family’s lifestyle.

I’m excited at the prospect of incorporating some regular weight training sessions in to my usually haphazard exercise routine. I had my first appraisal yesterday (!) and will be posting on my progress over the coming weeks – how my training regime is progressing, how my results are tracking, what I am eating and even some of the recipes I am using.

My aim is to demonstrate that great results are possible without counting kilojoules, downing wonder pills, meal-replacement shakes or investing in any of the weight loss organisations so heavily promoted at this time of year, nor having to spend hours and hours slugging it out at the gym. With some gentle guidance, a commitment to a regular moderate exercise regime and delicious, wholesome food – a fit and fabulous body can be a lasting reality – all with the added benefits of extra energy, strength and long term good health. I am certainly no exercise fanatic, so if I can do it, anyone can do it!


For me, weight loss isn’t my main objective (although it would be a nice side effect!) The past year has been extremely hectic for me – juggling a number of roles (including motherhood) – and its definitely taken its toll on my body, health and energy levels. This year, in order to cope with the demands of caring for a small toddler and running a business, I am going to need to be in great shape!

My focus will be on:

  • Gaining energy and vitality
  • Building strength and stamina
  • Creating a lean, healthy, fit body

Action Plan

  • 5 to 6 exercise sessions per week (including 3 x weight sessions, 2 x walk/jogs and an extra walk where possible)
  • Road test my Summer Menu Planner for 4 weeks
  • Eat higher protein snacks during the day
  • Make a conscious effort to drink more water and a little less coffee and wine
  • Be organised!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and providing more information about my program over the coming weeks.

Feel free to share your personal health and fitness goals for the new year with us, or consider commencing an Équilibre Personal Program of your own if you need a little help!

PLEASE NOTE: This program does not take in to account your individual health circumstances. Please consult your trainer or doctor for full assessment prior to commencing any new exercise program.

{Image from Kikki-K – our favourite place for inspirational and fashionable Scandinavian styled diaries, journals and other personal organisation essentials!}

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