Winter inspirations

As winter draws to a close, we’d like to share what we’ve been up to and what’s tickled our fancy of late…

  • The Brazilian Government’s new Dietary Guidelines based on eating, cooking and enjoying real food, instead of the misguided nutrient focused, food industry friendly versions that most western nations (including us) have to put up with. Hooray!
  • The Alphabet Family Journal. No polished, picture-perfect homes, just a celebration of family in all it’s different forms. Photography and personal essays to curl up with. Can’t wait for the next issue in October.
  • Setting a training goal (him) – Ironman 70.3 Mandurah (November, here we come!)
  • Setting the alarm for 5.15am exercise (her) – yet knowing when its ok to hit the snooze button!
  • Morning self-care rituals: Dry skin brushing. Oil pulling. Self massage with Tinderbox juniper body rub. Getting the day off to a feel-good start reinforces the message that you’re worth it!
  • Home grown. Loving freshly picked young leaves of rainbow chard and tuscan kale in the River Cafe’s Winter Minestrone.
  • My Darling Lemon Thyme. Real food recipes from Perth local Emma Galloway. Orange cinnamon chia pudding, Chocolate sunflower date balls and Quinoa anzacs have all been on high rotation here, among many other recipes. Vegetarian and gluten free cooking that feels genuine and not like a substitution. Love it!
  • Pancake Wednesdays. Creating family rituals and adding a bit of specialness to the everyday. The buckwheat pancakes aren’t too bad, either! (see MDLT above)
  • Memory keeping. Finally getting around to doing something with our 5 year old’s baby photos and loving every nostalgic, creative moment of the process. Discovered Origrami, Artifact Uprising and inspired by Pink Ronnie.
  • Getting cultured with kefir – milk and water (Anyone keen to try some? I have a good supply to share, so leave a comment and i’ll get in touch!)
  • Birthday celebrations with homemade, whole-food delights (Rose pistachio cupcakes à la Jude Blereau)
  • Macabee Dorper Lamb and goat – especially when it’s slow cooked in a Latasha’s Tikka Masala curry (mmm, tastes like winter.)
  • New bicycles (for everyone except yours truly, but we’ll be working on that, so stay tuned!)
  • Celebrating everything french for Le Tour month (and still wondering why someone like me could get post-tour blues!)
  • Which also brings us to red wine. Need I say more? (Well, we will… but that’s for a later post!)

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