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I’m largely a visual person, so when Pinterest first came to my attention earlier last year, I decided to embrace it. Yes, it’s another form of social media (and one that has the potential to chew up a lot of time!) but I like to think of it as my online ‘vision board’ – a place to collate images and articles that inspire me, represent who I am at this point in time and where I want to be in future. I also appreciate the fact that it is largely a very supportive and positive community – there is even a pinterest etiquette in place, and you have to wait for an ‘invitation’ to join – very civilised indeed!

Recently, I recognised the value of Pinterest as an inspirational resource that we can use to share with our Équilbre friends. In effect, becoming a practical representation of what we stand for…

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I’ve had fun creating the Équilibre ‘pinboards’…

  • recipe collections divided into breakfast, lunch, evening meal, vege and salad heaven, in between (snacks), sweet endings (desserts and sweet treats) and hydrate (drinks)
  • motivational, thought provoking quotes and images that resonate with our Équilibre philosophy – found under feel good inspiration and fabulous & fit
  • a few of our favourite things – books, food… anything that represents ‘us’
  • foodie products and places – that we love

Initially, i’ve pinned recipes suited to warm weather cooking, but will continue to add and vary them according to the season, so don’t forget to check back when you need a little extra inspiration for menu planning.

They are all recipes that I have either cooked or am keen to try, so feel free to add comments if you decide to make one – I know I will be!

Happy pinning everyone, I hope you enjoy our boards!

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