Spencer’s Brook Farm

Michael Pollan’s Food Rule No 27 states ‘Eat animals that have themselves eaten well’…

This brings me to a fantastic foodie find that Sophie and I discovered on our Farmer’s Market visits last year. Spencer’s Brook Farm is approximately 90 km east of Perth and specialises in free range Berkshire pigs, organic Long Horned Wiltshire sheep and Dexter cattle – all raised to the highest standards of animal welfare. You can read all about the animals and how Annie Kavanagh and her family operate their farm in an organic and sustainable manner, on their website. It certainly makes for interesting and enlightening reading!

It has been a delight for me to cook with all the produce we have purchased from SBF… delicious pork sausages, spicy chorizo, bacon, pork hocks, dry aged beef and hogget…all preservative/nitrate and gluten free, carefully butchered and dry aged where appropriate, to ensure premium, tender meat. You can truly taste the difference between this and standard supermarket fare. It also tastes that much better knowing how good it is for your health, the health of the environment and our four legged friends.

I am realistic that this quality of food is not within the reach of everyone, both practically and financially (and yes, we tend to make sacrifices in other areas by choosing to spend more money on our food). It is heartening, though, to know that there are people out there like Annie and her family, pouring their heart and soul into their farm, and attempting to create change, however small it may be in the scheme of things. People like this deserve our support whenever we are in a position to give it. Best to source their fabulous gourmet meats at either Subiaco or Mt Claremont Farmer’s Markets every Saturday morning (and now Fremantle Markets on a Friday, I believe).

I also love the fact that SBF opens their farm to the public for what they affectionately term ‘Pig Days Out’. And, even dearer to our hearts, they run foodie events such as ‘Long Lunches’ in the shearing shed – showcasing their wonderful produce on the menu. We would have been keen to attend their ‘Spanish Pig’ event in December (complete with Spanish tapas and wines), had we not been out of town!

We’ll definitely be taking Sophie along for a ‘farm’ experience some time this year. Thank you, Spencer’s Brook Farm – for encouraging us meat eaters to be responsible, and for supporting a sustainable farming system which puts animal welfare as its top priority.

All images from Spencer’s Brook Farm

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