My dream foodie destination

Allow me a little self indulgence, if you will…

Being 6 months pregnant and in the midst of establishing a business, a trip overseas is not an option anytime in the near future. The only travels I am partaking in at the moment are ‘flights of fancy’ from the comfort of my living room…

I’m dreaming of… the smell of a freshly baked Parisian baguette (with oozy, ripe cheese) and a visit to Laduree for authentic, jewel coloured macarons; lying on an exotic beach somewhere with fish wrapped in banana leaves over an open fire for dinner and a coconut infused fruit cocktail in hand; the heady scent of spices from a Moroccan market – tasting the street food and taking in the vibrant colours and all the hustle and bustle…

If I had to pick a destination based purely on foodie inspiration, i’d have to say Brooklyn, New York. Why? Well, for a borough of New York once known only for it’s foot long hot dogs and cheesecake (!), Brooklyn has established itself as the centre for many artisanal food producers, all of whom share a passion for the sustainably grown and homespun.  Time and time again I come across examples of interesting little Brooklyn businesses focused on quality food and services – all with a little touch of creativity, innovation and passion for what they do. It appeals to my sense of aesthetic and makes my heart sing to find such a true celebration of all that is good about food.

Here are some of my favourite Brooklyn Foodie Finds…

I’d love to be able to pop in to Radish on my way home, to pick up some delicious prepared salads and seasonally based meals when I don’t have time to cook (try shaved asparagus with lemon and manchego or quinoa with dried cherries and basil). Or order some of their exquisite catering for a special spring picnic or girl’s get together. The shop itself looks so magnificently rustic and inviting, too.

The packaging on Mast Brothers Chocolate is tempting enough, but with lovingly crafted and organically farmed chocolate blends and single origins like Madagascar (notes of blood orange, raspberry and red wine) and Brooklyn Blend (hints of plum, tobacco and earth) – i’m sold!

Husband and wife team Mark and Jenna combined their talents to form Whimsy & Spice – providing a distinctive line of handmade confections. How do Hazelnut Whisky Sandwich Cookies, or Rose & Black Pepper Thumbprints sound for something a little out of the ordinary? Or maybe a Chocolate Butterscotch Bar for something a little more decadent. They also write a rather lovely blog called Sweet Fine Day.

The girls at Jewels of New York are on a mission to uncover the hidden treasures New York has to offer and share them with friends through an online collection of seasonal recipes. The vision for their Brooklyn based catering and food styling company, combines a love of cooking with the beauty of everyday things. Can I join you… please?

Sunday Suppers is one of my absolute favourite sources of food and dining inspiration. One day I would love to join in one of Karen’s ‘class-cooking-dining’ experiences in her Brooklyn waterfront loft (or even create my own!), but for the time being I will continue to draw inspiration and ideas from the plethora of gorgeous recipes and styling ideas on the website.

With the intention of integrating small farmers, New York City food-makers, chefs, social entrepreneurs, shoppers, and families in a large outdoor retail market, Smorgasburg is a part of the Brooklyn Flea Market family, and hopes to spread the sea change in food consciousness by making fresh, affordable food and ideas about eating and sourcing more accessible to a broad and diverse audience… I’m there!

Do you have a food related destination in mind – somewhere you’ve been, or would love to travel to? I’d love to hear your thoughts and add them to my foodie meanderings and ‘some-day’ list!

2 Responses to “My dream foodie destination”

  • This is such a great post Nicole! I’ve only ever been to New York once, for two days, and didn’t make it to Brooklyn – but WHEN I go back I hope all these places are still open!

    I did a cooking class in Bali last year, and it was amazing. I’m on a mission now to do a cooking class everywhere I travel!

    I hope you make it back to Brookly soon, too.

    Thanks again for the inspiration and support 🙂

  • Nicole:

    You are most welcome Brooke. I believe that food and travel are now inextricably linked for me – so, cooking classes and foodie experiences will always be on the menu!

    Like you, i’ve only ever been to New York briefly to cover the classic tourist destinations, so would LOVE to return and explore further.