Fabulous Foodie Giveaway!

At Équilibre we like to embrace new technology to the extent that it can help us with our business and ease of everyday life. But when it comes down to it, we are really traditionalists at heart and love nothing more than a beautiful leather journal to record our hand written notes, doodlings or pictures of what inspire us – things that we love, our hopes and dreams for the future.

Thats why I fell in love with the new Passions range of journals from Milan based company Moleskine – particularly this Recipe Journal. It’s a beautiful way to record your favourite recipes – perhaps those handed down from parents, grandparents or treasured friends. It has lots of categories and even more blank sections that you could use to record anything foodie related or inspirational.

To celebrate the start of winter here in the southern hemisphere, as well as our ‘soon to be released’ Winter Menu Planner, we are giving away one of these lovely recipe journals to a lucky reader. All you need do is tell us briefly your favourite winter comfort meal (sweet or savoury) in the comments section below (or, on our Facebook page). If we like the sound of it, we may even ask you for the recipe to include in the menu planner!

Be sure to include your comment by Friday 24th June. We’ll notify the winner and get your prize off to you safely.

Good luck, and warming winter thoughts be with you!

***Wow! What delicious and warming suggestions we received. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed their ideas – all inspirational and deserving! But, as there can only be one winner, congratulations goes to Naomi Isaac. Thanks for sharing your lamb shank recipe with us on Facebook, Naomi – we hope you enjoy your new journal.

11 Responses to “Fabulous Foodie Giveaway!”

  • Jen Tasker:

    I discovered a wonderful recipe for Cheesy Potato Chowder last U.S. winter and just made it last week during one of our blustery Perth days. I’ll admit – its not the healthiest thing in the world (how can it be when part of the recipe actually says “leave the bacon drippings in the pan – it gives it flavor”) but its just so comforting, especially served in a whole wheat bread bowl! I like to add chicken to the dish to give it some protein, and there’s even a variation that turns it into New England Clam Chowder, but I haven’t tried that yet!

  • Gemma Easthope:

    So hard to choose!!! So many winter favourites!!! I made some yummy pea and ham soup a few weeks ago that went down a treat with our lunch guests, of course with a lump of bread and real butter to go with it! Also couldn’t resist Donna Hay’s Chocolate Fudge Puddings… worked beautifully last weekend for some lovely friends we shared lunch with. They even rose beautifully above the ramikins! (There were 2 left over and my husband and I successfully polished them off the following night… still just as good, actually he thought it was even better !!!)

  • Hazel:

    Oh, where do I start?? It has to be something hot, rich and sweet. Crumbles with homemade custard are my absolute favourite, and I rotate through a selection of recipes, from the traditional fruit crumble to a great ‘savoury’ kumara crumble to accompany a roast chicken. Bread and butter pudding, creamed coconut rice and my Mum’s unbeatable sago pudding cannot go without a mention either!

  • Ursula:

    Welll……you just can’t go past a simple chicken & vegetable soup with warm crusty bread/rolls! My other favourite is mashed potato (white or sweet) with steamed greens and corned beef (done in the slow cooker) & a white sauce….mmmmmm. Oh & Shepherd’s Pie! When I think about it, anything with yummy vege is a goer in my books!

  • Renae:

    This busy working mother loves to come home to lamb shanks that have been cooking slowly in the slow cooker all day. I serve them on top of a generous dollop of mashed potato that I whip up in my Thermomix while I am bathing my daughter.

  • Charmaine:

    Being mildly addicted to this blog and its links as well as Donna Hay and Delicious magazines I justify it by ensuring I cook from them all at some point in time. Recently I have made the fabulous Ultimate Chicken Pie from this months Delicious, and from Donna Hay the Chicken Chorizo Cassoulet. Both are perfect for a cold winters night and freeze well which makes them even better for this busy family because we get to enjoy them more than once without the clean up.

  • This usually changes every winter but for 2011 I am digging spicy Thai pumpkin soup with a smiddgen of coconut cream on top. And for the dipping apparatus, I make a simple casadia with melted cheese between two thin Turkish wraps.

  • Kate:

    I have so many favourites but now that I’m working again it has to be something that can be dished up again! So a tasty Italian beef casserole with creamy mash is a fave and it doubles as a cottage pie the next day!

  • Rachael:

    Golden syrup dumplings are my winter favourite But I have to be careful to only eat one because they are really rich. Yummmmmmm.

  • sam:

    Has to be Spaghetti Bolognaise – its quickness makes me a faster chef, its flavour makes me a masterchef.