Équilibre Christmas Gift Guide – Cookbooks

Christmas has crept up on us once again (as it tends to do these days) and I thought it might be fun to put together a few gift ideas that resonate with our food and fitness ethos. Cookbooks today, followed by foodie and fitness ideas, finishing with some homemade gift inspiration. (Don’t let anyone stress you out with the term ‘last minute’, there’s still plenty of time!)

I love cookbooks, and over the years they have become my all time favourite thing to give (and receive!) I like to think that not only am I gifting something aesthetically lovely to look at, it can also be used to provide culinary inspiration for the recipient and may even help them to create new memories and food experiences with their loved ones.

These days, there are so many beautiful cookbooks from all over the world that would be worthy additions to any collection, however, I wanted to focus on a couple of new local publications that I have a soft spot for…

If you love pizza as much as my family does, then Theo & Co Take 2 should be top of your list this summer! Produced by UWA Publishing, this is the follow up to the mightily successful first edition, Theo & Co featuring Theo Kalogeracos of Little Caesars Pizzerias. It’s vibrant, fun and bursting with gorgeous images from renowned local photographer Craig Kinder. You’ll find some fantastic classic Italian pizza recipes in part 1, but there’s really very little that’s traditional about Theo’s approach (he’s Greek, after all!) and it’s his flamboyant style and creativity that really shine through with recipes like Strawberry Fields (pictured above , top left), Blue Monday (centre left), Teglia Porcini (centre right) and Portugese Chicken (bottom row, centre). You’ll find a variety of pizza base techniques to suit everyone, tips on building your own pizza oven and how to throw a pizza party for every occasion (including breakfast!) Well done guys, it’s another cracker!

Last month, we were even lucky enough to receive a copy to give away to one of our latest Fitness for for Foodies program members – hope you’re enjoying it Niamh!

Buy online here ($34.95 with free postage, even!) or support your local independent bookstore.

(Images above kindly supplied by UWAP, photography by Craig Kinder)

The other book project i’ve been following closely this year is Forage: A culinary journey through Western Australia. Our very own photographer Jessica Shaver put her heart and soul into this book and has come up with some amazing images from our most favourite restaurants and food institutions in Perth and around the state. Think Boucla, Cantina, West End Deli, Rochelle Adonis, Sayers, Foragers, Jude Blereau, Little Caesars…60 in total, with 120 recipes shared. The book so beautifully shines a light on WA’s emerging food culture, naturally highlighting local produce and sustainable living – a must for all local foodie cookbook collections!

Forage is the official fundraiser cookbook for Upside Nepal – a Perth based organisation run by a team of enthusiastic young volunteers that is dedicated to creating a better future for the kids of Nepal. All those involved in the book project were volunteers so that means every cent from sales goes straight to it’s worthy cause. Read this interview with project manager and editor Kate Christou on We Love Perth if you want to learn more.

Buy online ($55 plus postage) or pick up your copies from Claremont Quarter on the next 2 weekends (Thurs-Sun) before Christmas (times and details on the website). This one is really something special!

(Images above from Forage, photography by Jessica Shaver)

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