A new twist on menu planning

We are of the belief that one of the best things you can do to take control of your health and wellbeing is to start cooking at home and get in the habit of shopping and planning your meals. Forget the magic pills and potions that promise quick and easy results, this simple back-to-basics practice, done consistently, will provide fantastic long term benefits for you and your family. Anything you cook at home, regardless of whether it has the ‘perfect’ nutritional make-up, will be so much better for you than a packaged freezer meal, take-away or meal replacement (no matter how healthy the label claims it to be!)

We’re not saying this way of cooking and eating is easy all the time, especially if you’re not a natural cook or organisation isn’t your strong point. I’m the first to admit that finding the time to select recipes, put together a balanced menu plan for the week, create a shopping list, do the shopping and then have everything ready to cook at the right time – even if your recipes are simple – can be somewhat overwhelming at times (especially if you have very young children, have had very little sleep and are trying to grow a business!)

That’s why when we discovered Dinner Twist had arrived in Perth, it was like a breath of fresh air! Popular in Scandinavian countries for some time now, it’s all about cooking at home with fresh, seasonal ingredients, BUT the planning, shopping and delivering is all taken care of for you! You can choose from either a 3 meal weekly box, or a 5 meal fortnightly box (for couples or families), and you receive all the ingredients (save for a few pantry staples) plus a recipe booklet to create some fantastic meals that only take between 30-45 mins to have on the table.

It’s a local family run business by Swedish couple My & Chris Tistrand who have chosen to make Perth their home and bring us this fabulous concept before any big corporation sees the opportunity and decides to run with it! (And you know we LOVE a husband and wife business around here!)

We were lucky enough to experience a 3 meal family Dinner Twist, which included the very delicious lamb sausage and pearl couscous salad (pictured above) – the pomegranate alone was a something to behold! Delivery of the box creates much excitement (and can be arranged to go to your workplace, if you prefer). The meals were very much in tune with my style of cooking – one pots, warm salads, great subtle flavours. My provides a little insight into the menu choices in her recipe booklet and even gives suggestions as to how to ‘tweak’ them for little people!

Why do we love Dinner Twist?

  • great variety, good honest recipes, and no more having to think about ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’
  • exposure to new ingredients and flavours (expand your taste buds and get out of your comfort zone)
  • sheer convenience and time saving (I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t use more hours in the day)
  • equally good for both novices and experienced cooks (can even improve your cooking skills and boost your confidence in the kitchen)
  • makes mealtime more fun and exciting – why not take turns to cook?
  • fresh, good quality produce, carefully selected (and guaranteed)
  • value for money (particularly when you factor in the time that you save)
  • has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss plans or calorie controlled meals (hooray! it’s about time!)
  • no need for nutritional break downs of each serving size, or labels of low fat, low carb or high protein (double hooray!)

Put simply, this is what home cooking and good eating should be about – taking away the stress involved and without all the unnecessary worry that it should meet certain dietary restrictions. All you need do is enjoy the cooking process, pour a glass of wine and tuck in with loved ones.

We wholeheartedly endorse this wonderful concept that helps to make life just that little bit easier (and healthier!) It fits in beautifully with our Équilibre philosophy and we encourage you to find out more over at the Dinner Twist website.

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