The Be Kind to Your Body Challenge

Who knows? Maybe ‘your best body yet’, is the very one you’re in right now! Are you up for the challenge?

Before you dive straight in to your next health and fitness campaign, consider changing your diet or be tempted by that ‘bikini body’ program for summer, we’d like to ask you to stop for a minute and show a little respect and dare we say it, kindness to that amazing body of yours…

What most health and fitness programs/regimes/diets fail to factor in is that before you can successfully change your health habits and wellbeing for the better, there needs to be a pretty significant mindset change taking place a the same time. The most strictly adhered to exercise schedule or diet means nothing if it can’t be sustained for the long term. If deep down you are not at peace with your body, or are unable to show it the respect and thoughtfulness you would a good friend, then sadly, its going to be a tough call to maintain your healthy new habits for any length of time.

The great thing is that you can start to work on mending that broken relationship with your body right now, and even better… it usually has nothing to do with how many reps or training sessions you need to be doing or what and how much you should be eating!

That’s why we want you to set aside some time to complete our 2 week Be Kind to Your Body Challenge this spring. Every day for 2 weeks (from Tuesday 22nd Sept through to Monday 6th Oct) we’ll be sharing a be kind to your body tip – it might be practical in nature or designed to make you change the way you think. Either way, if you decide to put even a few of them into practice you’ll be well on your way to feeling more empowered, less confused and so much better about yourself and your body, no matter what shape or size you are right now.

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