Balance, moderation and why you need to embrace equilibrium instead

“The best we can do…is to practise equilibrium internally – no matter what insanity is transpiring out there.”

Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love

Maintaining a sense of balance in all areas of our life is something we should strive for. Saying that, I would suggest that the word itself has become overused and has lost its appeal… do you agree? To me, it’s a word that often places a too-heavy burden on our already overloaded shoulders. ‘Work-life balance’. ‘Getting the balance just right’. Juggling all of our balls in the air without dropping one can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

Similarly, moderation is a perfectly sound concept in theory, but I feel it has become something of a party-pooper! It stirs up notions of self-regulation, constant monitoring, restriction and never being able to go beyond a certain level. It seems just a little inflexible and not very forgiving (and at the other end of the scale, I think there are certain consumables and activities that just shouldn’t even be considered at all, never mind about in moderation!)

Remember, even Julia Child herself recommended ‘Moderation in all things, including moderation!

So is there an alternative? Thankfully, YES!


The word itself comes from latin and translates to mean ‘equal’ ‘balance’. But to me, equilibrium essentially means living life in harmony.

We love the whole concept of equilibrium (naturally, since we named our business after it!) and have used it for some time now, ever since learning of how the French seem to use it instinctively.

Personally, I have found that it provides an enormous sense of freedom, yet also a re-assuring framework to live life by. I love the fact that I can eat any food I choose, but those choices are based purely on how they make me feel, so its more than likely i’m going to pick the healthy, highly nourishing option, but i’m not going to deny myself the croissant when I crave it and that’s what I know i’m going to enjoy at that moment in time. No guilt, no regrets. I love that I rarely feel frustrated any more when i’m unable to exercise, or my energy levels aren’t up to it, knowing I can take full advantage when the time is right. Maintaining a sense of equilibrium has, for me, completely changed my attitude to food and exercise (for the better!) and I am so much more at peace, while still being motivated to put in the required effort to reach and maintain good health and vitality.

Equilibrium allows you to feel your very best, on your own terms.

It can be practised daily, weekly, monthly (particularly relevant if you are female), seasonally and over the different phases of your life. It can also be applied across all areas of your life, not just the things that impact your health and wellbeing like food, exercise and sleep.

By embracing a sense of equilibrium in your life, you will…

  • learn to tune in to and trust your own body (what makes it feel good, what doesn’t);
  • learn to rely on internal cues rather than external (i.e. you refuse that dessert because it doesn’t look quite delicious enough and is not what your body wants at that moment, not because you are following your diet plan);
  • experience what freedom feels like as there is nothing that is out-of-bounds or forbidden (and yes, I know this is a scary concept to those who prefer the safety net of a list of do’s and don’ts!);
  • be much better equipped to handle (and embrace) the ups and downs of life, including sickness, kids, bad weather, holidays and other interruptions to routines;
  • look forward to changes in season and the different rhythms, variety and opportunities these bring to your life;
  • let go of guilt and feelings of deprivation;
  • finally be free of yo-yo dieting, counting calories, stop-start regimes and punishing exercise routines;
  • look at food and exercise in a positive new light;
  • empower yourself to take control and not be easily misled or enticed to follow the next quick fix solution, and
  • learn to get in touch with your senses, enjoying both special occasions and everyday moments, more mindfully.

So what’s the catch?…

Sorry folks! Equilibrium doesn’t come pre-packaged in a specific diet or exercise plan that you can follow to the letter (but secretly, we wish we could bottle it!) It’s actually a state of mind more than a particular lifestyle choice. It is something that comes from within and works differently for every individual. Maintaining equilibrium is a life-long journey where you’re constantly learning, growing and adapting.

As Elizabeth Gilbert alludes to in her quote above, its a fantastic tool for us to use against all the insanity that prevails out there in the wonderful world of health and fitness. And don’t worry, we’ll be here to help with plenty of tips on how you can develop your sense of equilibrium and use it to your advantage.

So why not stop striving for perfect balance and worrying about moderating yourself? Instead, we invite you to embrace the freedom of equilibrium!

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