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Beautiful Girl

{Image from Équilibre}

We recently celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday. It was a reminder to us of how quickly she is growing and of the important task we have ahead, to lay the positive foundations that will help her to become a happy, whole and vibrantly healthy grown woman. Seems like a difficult ask in today’s world, but we’re determined to give it our best shot!

I’ve been reminded over and over again recently that a woman’s body image is inextricably linked to her health and wellbeing in ways that we are only beginning to understand.

All health begins with how we perceive ourselves and our bodies.

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Our newest ‘little foodie’…

We are delighted to introduce our baby boy, Remy Leo van Kan, born December 2, 2011 – happy, healthy and the best Christmas gift we could have wished for!

After enjoying a quiet festive season with our latest addition and learning to adjust to life as a family of four, we are now looking forward to a fantastic 2012!

Plenty more fabulous food and fitness inspiration and offerings are in the pipeline and coming your way throughout the year…We look forward to sharing our plans and being a part of your health, exercise and lifestyle plan for 2012.

Foundations for Future Foodies

{Image: from Raising Foodies}

Our Top Tips for Cultivating Future Foodies:

  • Be a good role model for your baby in their first 6 months of life – even though they are only drinking milk, they are still absorbing everything that goes on around them. If they don’t see you eating plenty of fruit and veges, then how can you expect them to do the same, when their time comes? Read the rest of this entry »

Helping your baby to love good food

{Images: Sophie’s first ever meal at 6 mths; tucking in to some summer fruit at 8 mths}

Our little girl is due to celebrate her second birthday in just a few short months, but somehow, i’m not ready to let go of the ‘new mum’ tag. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed, around every corner is something new and unknown to tackle, but I guess thats what parenthood is all about – you never really get to take your training wheels off! Read the rest of this entry »