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Being kind to yourself at Christmas + a giveaway

How are you looking after yourself this Christmas? Tell us and you could win a luxurious pamper pack from Handmaiden Natural Skincare…

Isn’t it curious how such a special, wonder-filled time of year can also prove to be a source of much stress and anxiety for many of us? At a time when we should be feeling relaxed, in control and ready to see the year out on a high, so often we just feel… FRAZZLED! Am I right?

I recently received a not-so-subtle reminder to ‘slow down’ after coming down with a nasty cold that knocked me off my feet for a good week. It got me thinking about how we can approach the lead up to Christmas in a way that is kinder to ourselves and our body…

4 simple tips for navigating a ‘kinder’ Christmas this year:

  • Challenge your expectations. You can’t do ALL the things on your pinterest page (believe me, i’ve tried!) and you can’t be everything to everyone. Work out what’s really important to you, whittle down that list and focus your energy on less, rather than scattering it in every direction.
  • Commit to enjoying the moment. This is meant to be a time of celebration and joy so be sure to really enjoy the good things about it – the social gatherings, the time with family, your own special traditions. This is not the time to be worrying about nutrients and calories, but it is the time to be savouring every last drop of that glass of champagne as well as the people you are sharing it with. Lose the guilt and embrace the experience.
  • Don’t let all your good habits slip, ESPECIALLY EXERCISE. Make sure you continue with some of your daily habits that support and nurture your body and provide you with something of an anchor in your day. Exercise is the big one here and we’re not talking about balancing out food indulgences but about reducing stress levels and keeping your mind fresh, energised and centred. A gentle daily walk (or whatever your exercise jam may be) is a complete must at this time of year and can make a big difference to everything from how you interact with others to how you sleep at night.
  • Schedule in time for you. This may very well include the point above about exercise, but could also mean a pampering session, stretch, meditation, foot massage, just sitting doing nothing for a few minutes, time with a good book… anything that fills you up and provides a refreshed mindset to keep going with a happy heart (particularly important for the introverts among us!)

How are YOU going to be kinder to your body and mind this Christmas?

Our friend Nicolien from Handmaiden Natural Skincare is one of those down-to-earth women who tends to exude a natural glow and an innate ability to handle life’s ups and downs with grace and self-assurance. Whatever it is, we think she should bottle it! I can highly recommend the Handmaiden range of face and body treats and lucky for us, she has ever so kindly agreed to give away a little pamper pack of her gorgeous natural body care products exclusively to Équilibre!

The pack includes:

  • 100ml Pink Salt Body Scrub
  • 250ml Ylang-Ylang & Grapefruit Luxurious Body Cream
  • 50g Lavender Foot Soak

…all lovingly handmade by Nicolien using pure, natural, glow-enhancing ingredients (i’m hoping to entice Nicci back on to the blog in the New Year to share some of her body wisdom and philosophy around the ingredients she uses – she’s also a fabulous cook, to boot!)

What you need to do:

Simply leave a comment on this blog post about how you are being (or planning to be) kinder to yourself this Christmas, by midnight Wednesday 23rd December 2015, and we’ll draw and announce the winner on Christmas Eve (with the prize to be delivered after Christmas).

PLEASE NOTE: giveaway only open to residents of Western Australia

You can earn extra chances to win by liking the Handmaiden Facebook and Instagram pages (and of course, our Équilibre Facebook and Instagram!)

I’m sure we all look forward to reading and sharing your tips and to enjoying a more peaceful, centred and sane Christmas with our precious families and friends.

Now i’m off for a heavenly lavender scented foot-soak while planning my Christmas lunch contributions!


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