Équilibre Manifesto

All things in balance + so much more…

We believe health and fitness has become overly complicated…

  • Too focused on weight loss and unreachable body stereotypes.
  • Too much about calories in against calories burned.
  • Too much about the ‘before and after photos’ and not enough about the lifetime journey.
  • Too one size fits all.
  • Too scientific.
  • Too much about the pills, potions and miracle cures.
  • Too ‘here’s your answer, now follow the rules, or else’.
  • Too focused on guilt as a motivator and deprivation as a solution.

We believe there is a better way…

  • A positive body image and healthy relationship with food and exercise is the key to health (regardless of weight).
  • We are all unique individuals and need not have to be bound someone else’s ‘rules’.
  • Food is about more than energy and nutrients (think deliciousness, joy, memory and celebration; family, friends, community and the environment…)
  • True nourishment and fulfilment is about so much more than just food.
  • Yes! There is a place for a good glass of wine with a good meal, if that’s what you enjoy.
  • Riding your bike/going for a run/lifting your weights can be one of life’s pleasures if you’re motivated by the RIGHT reasons.
  • Exercise need not be complicated or follow a secret formula – it should simply be approachable, sustainable and enjoyable for YOU.
  • Learning to finally tune in to your own body and trust yourself (instead of everyone else) can set you free!

We are blessed to live in a society where food IS plentiful and we DO have choices and freedoms in our everyday routines.

At Équilibre, it’s our genuine belief that everyone has the power to create their own personal recipe for equilibrium and make it a reality. We’re here to help!

Balance : Choice : Enjoyment : Empowerment : Inspiration : Authenticity